PVC and MDF interior window sills

PVC is also an excellent material for interior window sills. Its high resistance to scratches and all types of damage as well as temperature changes and its resistance to water and moisture make it a very practical solution. Such sills are also extremely lightweight, while maintaining very high durability.

PVC is also a very stable construction material, which translates into safety and functionality of this solution. A wide range of patterns and colours of interior window sills from KM Plast allows you to adjust them to the character and style of your flat.


PVC has been used to manufacture window sills for many years. It is a moisture and temperature resistant material.

The applied chamber cross-section of the sill makes the structure more rigid and guarantees the stability of the sill.
The window sills are coated with a high quality foil, which increases their resistance to scratches and sunlight. The veneer is smooth, which makes it easy to care for and prevents its permanent soiling.

They are designed for installation with PVC, wooden and aluminium windows. Thanks to the widest palette of veneers on the market, they perfectly match all types and colours of windows.

Available widths:
10 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm, 25 cm, 30 cm, 35 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm. The window sill can be cut to any width.

Available colours:
walnut, golden oak, white, marble, mahogany and botticino.


MDF interior window sills from KM PLAST are made of the latest generation of waterproof MDF boards. Thanks to the highest quality of materials used, MDF window sills are characterised by high aesthetics, durability and resistance to water and temperature fluctuations. The smooth surface makes them easy to keep clean.

An MDF sill is a wood-like product created by pressing wood fibres with the addition of organic compounds, combined and hardened under high pressure and temperature. MDF is moisture-resistant. It is a very good substitute for natural wood, and does not contain any structural imperfections such as knots, fibre misalignment, heartwood age, cracks, or resin fillings.

It is possible to manufacture window sills in three types of milling: STANDARD, BASIC, MODERN.


Window sills can be made in any width from 15 cm to 90 cm. The maximum length of the sills (in one piece) is 280 cm. Laminated MDF window sills are available in 2 cm, 2.5 cm and 3.8 cm thickness.

Available colours: walnut, golden oak, white gloss, marble gloss, white matt, white wood, antique oak, rustic oak, whitewashed oak, natural oak, dark walnut, wenge board, malus, wenge, lanzado walnut, mahogany, anthracite gloss, aluminium 58 and winchester.


The renovation window sill from KM PLAST is made of high-impact polyvinyl chloride, laminated with high quality PVC veneers and CPL laminates, protected for transport and installation with a protective foil. Designed for installation on old concrete, terrazzo and wooden window sills.

Suitable for installation on window sills up to 5 cm thick. The PVC veneer makes it easy to keep the window sill clean. Like any plastic window sill, it is resistant to moisture and abrasion.

Available widths:
30 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm. The window sill can be cut to any width.


Conglomerate is a material consisting of selected natural stone slates constituting 95% of its mass and polyester resin as a binder.

The most common thickness of interior window sills is: 20 mm and 30 mm.

The standard finish includes: rounded front corners (R=30 mm), chamfering of the front side and left/right sides (top and bottom), polishing of the top layer, left/right sides and front side.

On special request, it is possible to carry out non-standard finishing (right angles, non-standard angles, lack of chamfering, polishing of the underside, drilling and others).

Conglomerate is an excellent material not only for interior window sills. It is also used to create durable kitchen worktops and treads (steps) for stairs. The finishing of the house consisting of interior window sills, kitchen worktops and stair treads made of the same material gives the interior a unique character.

KM PLAST conglomerate window sills are a perfect price alternative for granite and marble window sills. Very often used as interior window sills. They are perfect for indoor conditions. Conglomerate is a material formed by combining natural stone and resin. Our offer includes window sills in various colours, shapes and sizes. The standard finish of the window sill is rounded sides and 2 mm chamfers. You can choose 2 cm or 3 cm window sills. Conglomerates can have discolourations and shades characteristic of stone, making each product unique.

KM PLAST granite window sills are characterised by high resistance to weather conditions and durability. Their graceful and unusual appearance is also not without significance. Granite window sills are also easy to keep clean. Granite window sills perfectly avoid fading and discolouration, so their colour pleases our eyes for many years. Granite is a natural stone with all kinds of uses and it is suitable for both exterior and interior applications. Granites may have characteristic features such as discolouration, shades, veins and grains making each product unique. Exterior granite window sills are ideal for the external finish of your home. They will serve you for many years, adding unique beauty to your home. It's a worthwhile purchase for someone who appreciates the beauty of their surroundings.

KM PLAST marble window sills, similarly to granite window sills, are characterised by high resistance to weather conditions. Marble window sills are used both as exterior and interior window sills. Our offer includes 3 cm thick marble window sills with a maximum length of 304 cm.

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