Exterior aluminium and steel window sills

Window sills from PVC is a popular and very practical solution that guarantees effective protection of the façade. This material is resistant to moisture and temperature changes. Our exterior window sills are additionally protected to prevent scratching and harmful effects of sunlight. These types of window sills also have a very stable construction and are distinguished by their high durability. Moreover, their smooth texture allows for easy care and maintenance. In our offer you will find a wide selection of exterior window sills, allowing you to find the most suitable solution for your home.

  • They provide a light and elegant finish to windows

  • Effectively drain water and protect the building façade

  • They are resistant to weather conditions, stains and chemicals

  • Wide choice of colours: RAL colours, structured colours, anodizing

  • Colour-fast, maintenance-free, easy to clean

  • Surface of window sills covered with protective foil

  • PVC or aluminium edges of window sill


Steel window sills are made of galvanised steel sheet with a very aesthetic appearance. They are characterised by high resistance to weather conditions, while an additional advantage of using steel window sills is their easy maintenance.

The unquestionable advantages of wood-like exterior window sills are an attractive price, interesting colours, aesthetic appearance, high resistance to weather conditions (rain, snow, wind, hail, UV rays), ease of cleaning, effective water drainage, protection of the building façade, protection with a protective foil.

The plastic end caps protect the most sensitive and vulnerable areas in the corners of the opening. The window sills have corrosion protection and are resistant to UV and weather conditions (humidity, temperature).

  • Exterior steel window sills are manufactured from top quality steel sheet galvanised on both sides, designed to be installed together with PVC, wood or aluminium windows

  • Flexible and durable, made of 0.7 mm thick galvanised sheet metal, the sheet metal surfaces are coated with polyester paints with a total thickness of 35 microns, for transport and installation they are additionally protected with a protective foil (which should be removed immediately after installation)

  • In the case of window sills manufactured in other RAL colours, they are additionally powder-coated

  • In each case, the reverse side of the sill is coated with a special protective paint that ensures very good adhesion to the polyurethane foam during installation

  • Exterior steel window sills are resistant to moisture, staining, non-flammable, resistant to chemicals and household cleaning products

  • Properly installed, they protect the building's façade and drain water

  • A big advantage of these window sills is also their relatively low price

  • Available colours: White 9010, Brown 8017 and any Ral colour (on request)

  • Available widths: 9, 12, 15, 17.5, 20, 22.5, 25, 27.5, 30, 35, 40 cm. It is possible to order a window sill of any width and flashings.

  • Available lengths: any size up to 6 m.

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