Air inlets

The best way to effectively exchange air, and thus maintain the right level of humidity in the house, is to install special air inlets in the windows. These units ensure constant air circulation without losing heat energy.


The window air inlet is made of high quality ABS. Designed for installation in PVC, wooden and aluminium windows. The window air inlet ensures the possibility of manual closing and opening of two inlets, which allows for precise control of the inflow of fresh air from outside. The slim design of the air inlet makes it hardly visible after installation.

Product features

  • Manual adjustment
  • Screwless installation option
  • Made of high quality ABS
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Air inlets available in white, brown and golden oak (other colours on request

Modern hygro-regulated air inlets designed for installation in PVC, wooden and aluminium windows. The air inlet is fully automatic and the polyamide tape, which reacts to the humidity level in the room, is responsible for its regulation. Depending on the humidity the air inlet automatically opens or closes providing the required amount of air. Apart from gravitational ventilation, the air inlet is also perfect for mechanical ventilation systems based on humidity sensors in the fan and the exhaust grille.

Product features

  • Automatic air flow control

  • Health-friendly

  • Can be fitted to windows with external blinds

  • Humidity sensor in the form of a polyamide tape bundle

Questions and answers

What is a hygro-regulated air inlet?

A hygro-regulated air inlet is an element mounted in the upper part of the window, by means of which we supply the appropriate amount of air to the room.

What does hygro-regulated mean?

Hygro-regulated means that the amount of air supplied is dependent on the humidity level inside the room. The air inlet continuously monitors the humidity level in the room and opens or closes based on this information.

Does such an air inlet need to be connected to electricity?

No. Hygro-regulated air inlets have a built-in polyamide tape, the properties of which cause it to contract and stretch when the humidity level rises or falls. The tape is responsible for the movement of the inlet responsible for fresh air flow.

What are the types of hygro-regulated air inlets?

Currently in our offer you can find several versions of such air inlets.
They differ in:

1. Level of sound attenuation – acoustic hygro-regulated air inlets.
2. Control – fully automatic and with the possibility of manual closing.

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Ask for a quotation, write us!