Window handles


Window handles

Comfort of the window functioning depends largely on the smooth operation of the handle. One of the currently available solutions for protection against intruders are window handles with a security device. Choosing a handle that can be locked with a key or a button will also prevent children from opening the window on their own, which effectively minimises the risk of falling out.

Available types

  • Handles with key

    They make it possible to close the window permanently.

    We recommend this type of handle as additional burglary protection and as perfect protection against accidental opening by a child (e.g. balcony door). To lock the handle, remove the key and press the lock located directly on the handle. Inserting and turning the key again will unlock the handle and gently push the lock out.

    A set contains 2 keys (all handles have the same key pattern) and 2 fixing screws.

  • Push-button handles

    Button permanently locking the window.

    This handle is recommended for windows with anti-burglary fitting and as basic protection against accidental opening by a child. To change the handle position, press and hold the button located directly on the handle. Releasing the button locks the handle.

    2 fixing screws included.

  • Standard handles

    They have a reinforced construction.

    The basic handle used on windows. Plastic rosette, 7 mm thick shank, equipped with an 8-position gearbox that allows the handle to be rotated by 45°.

    2 fixing screws included.

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