Do passive and energy efficient houses need special windows?

A passive house should be as energy-efficient as possible and therefore, above all, properly designed. The energy balance of the building must be included in the design, which is closely linked to the use of the right materials and the application of the right construction technologies for such buildings...


Airtight windows - how to air your home properly?

If we have good, airtight windows, there is a problem with ventilation, especially in rooms where people are present. Air inlets are a good solution – thanks to them windows can be completely mechanically closed, they are still storm and burglary proof and the rooms will still be ventilated. This is important in our climate, especially in winter...


Why do window panes sometimes fog up on the inside? Sometimes steam appears also between the panes. What can be done about it?

Condensation on windows from the flat side is caused by an imbalance between room heating and ventilation. This in turn is related to the tightness of modern windows made of PVC profiles.
However, to be sure that this balance between heating and ventilation needs to be ensured, you must first check for manufacturing defects in the windows and installation errors. Therefore, in the event of excessive condensation, it is advisable to consult a window professional...


Condensation appears on the outside of the glass – is this a defect in the windows?

This phenomenon is quite common with "warm glazing" and does not indicate a defect in the windows. This situation occurs when warmer humid air comes into contact with cooler surfaces. As the air cools on the cold glass surface, it enters a saturated state and as a result, excess moisture condenses on the glass. Why are windows so cold that water condenses on them?


Child-safe windows.

Every window, even on the ground floor, should be secured against being opened by small children. Modern windows have a tilt function, which is great for child safety. Therefore, you should either completely secure your windows against opening, or use solutions that only allow you to tilt the window...


Is it possible to replace a broken pane in a PVC window on your own?

In modern windows with glass units it is better not to try to replace broken glass on your own. We strongly recommend contracting this service to the technical department of KM PLAST. On the first visit, the team will measure the pane precisely, and on the next visit they will replace the glass on site...


How to maintain PVC windows?

Especially before winter, it is important to secure window elements against low temperatures, snow and moisture. It is best to carry out such work at least once a year – this way the window will last longer without the need for repair. In addition to the usual window cleaning, profiles, gaskets and fitting elements need to be maintained...


Mosquito-free flat thanks to mosquito nets.

In summer, the nicest and warmest evenings can be spoiled by mosquitoes. To avoid their invasion in the evening, it is advisable to protect the windows with mosquito nets during the day to prevent them from entering the flat or house.
Such mosquito nets can be fitted at any time. They do not interfere with the window structure, do not affect the proper functioning of the window profiles...

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