VEKA Softline 82 in full gray.

Together with VEKA we extend our offer. From May 2017 VEKA Softline 82 is available in full gray (RAL 7015).

Gray-colored profiles are prepared for double-sided foiling.

In colorful window profiles it is very important whether they are stained entirely or have only external foils of a given color. The difference is visible when the window is open.
Full gray windows are available in several shades offered by VEKA.

The advantages of the gray profiles VEKA Softline 82:

  • The profiles are perfectly finished – they are dyed whole, both sides foiled
  • Several shades of choice: dark gray, dark gray silk, slate gray, slate gray smooth, platinum crown and platinum earl
  • Available in SPECTRAL’s ultra-slim finish
  • The VEKA Softline 82 is of the highest class A design
  • Profiles have a very low heat transfer coefficient, thanks to seven chambers in the frame profile and six chambers in the wing profile. With a corresponding window glass they have a factor of about Uw = 0.9 W / (m2K), and the same ones even meet the norms of passive houses
  • The 82 mm VEKA Softline 82 profile is equipped with three gaskets. In addition, a central gasket (MD) can be used, which further increases the energy efficiency of the window and improves its acoustic insulation.

Fully gray VEKA profiles are used to produce energy efficient windows and patio doors. This solution was introduced in accordance with the prevailing trends, using in the interior architecture gray in various shades. We produce gray profiles for elegant, perfect interiors.