Ultragray windows from VEKA!

New technology coating of window profiles already available in HP-PLAST.

The latest proposal suppliers of window profiles – VEKA, is unprecedented finish and color of window profiles.
Spectral is the essence of modern technology and excellent design. The surface structure sections version Spectral velvety soft to the touch and has a characteristic deep matte finish as in the case of window profiles of plastic was previously unheard of. Very elegant profile surfaces are also very high resistance to weathering and scratches.

In modern architecture, gray is the color of liked and frequently used. This trend color that lasts for a long time and nothing indicates that Gray had lost its strong position. It is a beautiful background, color, ideal for elegant buildings and interiors, but the addition of suitable nobility. It’s gray eminence in the color palette. In line with this trend VEKA introduces a new surface structure profiles in elegant, matte shades of gray.

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