The handle is a very important element of each window. Without it, it would be impossible opening, tilting and closing of the window. Today, however, the door handle is not only a simple mechanical element, it’s something much more. In the market we have a handle available in many shapes and colors, but also those who care about our safety. So we have: Handles the key to permanently close the window. Handles of this type is especially recommended as an additional security burglar and as an excellent protection against accidental opening (eg. Doors) by a child. To lock the handle should be pulled out the key and press the lock located directly on the handle of the door handle. Inserting and turning the key again will unlock the door handles and gently pushed out of the lock. Material: aluminum. Includes 2 keys (all the door handles have the same pattern key) and 2 screws. Handles with a button permanently blocking the window. Handle recommended for windows fitted in the fitting burglar, and as a basic protection against accidental opening by a child. To change the position of the handle, press and hold the button located directly on the handle of the door handle. Release the button to lock the handle. Material: aluminum. Includes 2 screws. Handles standard with reinforced construction. Basic handle used in the windows. Rosette plastic pin 7 mm, equipped with a gear 8 positions, allowing the handle to rotate about 45 °. Material: aluminum. Includes 2 screws.