Roller doors


All roller doors feature a drive unit in standard.
The door shutter rolls up on a shaft hidden in a case. This allows to save space under ceiling.


  • the door shutter made of aluminium profiles filled with Freon-free polyurethane foam
  • the last bottom profile features a rubber hollow weatherstrip seal
  • the shutter moves in aluminium vertical guides and rolls up on a shaft
  • aluminium guides are mounted vertically along the opening edge
  • the guides feature brush seals
  • the drive unit is in standard
  • tubular actuator installed in the sha




Nowyou can arrange space under the ceiling as you wish: install lighting, hang your skis or kayak, or pile up your fishing rods. Suitable interior illumination and energy saving in a dark room (e.g. in a garage without windows) may be
obtained by installing glazed profiles in the door. The bottom chamber gasket, brush seals in guides and a gasket screwed to the door header guarantee good thermal insulation of the garage.

  • Antiburglar curtain lock in the BR-77 s door this protects against the lifting of the curtain from the outside.
  • Safety of use is ensured by photocells and a safety strip along the edge. If it encounters any obstacle, the door curtain withdraws to an open position.
  • Clips ensure distance between profiles while winding up the door curtain. As a result, the door operation is quiet, and the life of the panels is extended considerably.
  • Emergency door opening from inside in case of power failure it is possible to open the door manually using a crank in door BR-77s, and in doors BR-77 E and BR-100 E.
  • Emergency door opening from outside is used in case a garage has no additional entrance
  • Two types of sections – 77 and 100 mm